Florida Peach

Florida Peach

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Family: Rosaceae

Plant Common Name: Florida Prince


General Description

It has taken 45 years of research and very hard work, but finally Florida scientists have come up with peach trees that will not only grow, but produce fruit in Florida as far south as Miami! Developed by University of Florida researchers with cooperation from Florida growers, the Florida Prince Peach was specifically created to produce in the warmer climates of Florida. The result is a delicious and juicy early-season peach.


Peach trees are hardy and fast growing and should be planted in good, rich soil that is well-drained, mulched and in a location that provides plenty of sun. If the trees remain healthy and are maintained through pruning, thinning and feeding, they should begin to bear fruit in their second year. Harvesting time for mature trees can range anywhere from 80 to 95 days with harvesting beginning in early May and lasting through mid-June. Because Florida experiences a heavy rainy season during the summer months, it's very important that the peaches are harvested before the rainy season begins.


  Light: Full Sun
    Moisture: Rich, well drained soil; Water regularly.
  Hardiness: USDA Zones 5 - 9.

 source: www.floridagardener.com

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